Technical Services

Deputy Municipal Manager

Irene Kaindi Muema Deputy Municipal Manager

Units under technical services are:

  1. Roads and infrastructure
  2. Planning and Development Control
  3. Environmental Management.


  • Coordinate preparation and monitor implementation of municipal physical development plans
  • Providing technical advice to the Municipal manager on development control matters
  • Giving technical advice to developers within Kitui Municipality
  • Initiating and participating in the preparation of research and feasibility studies for municipal land use plans and infrastructure projects
  • Participating in the preparation and implementation of Municipal work plans and annual development Plans
  • Participating in project prioritization during the development of County Integrated Development plans and Annual plans.
  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of relevant municipality by-laws and policies
  • Attending to the land-related dispute in conjunction with the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning
  • Advising on suitable spatial locations for municipal projects to ensure conformity as well as maintaining equity in the distribution of infrastructure projects.
  • Participating in the inspection of municipality project sites to monitor progress and ensure conformance to design specifications.
  • Coordinating preparation of designs for civil and structural engineering works within Kitui Municipality
  • Coordinating installation, repair, and maintenance of streetlights to support the 24-hour economy
  • Coordinating management of liquid and solid waste in Kitui Municipality
  • Assist the municipal manager in facilitating and coordinating citizen participation in the development of policies and delivery of services
  • Coordinating staff under technical services: Municipal engineers, physical planners, in charge of environment, and electricians.
  • Signing performance appraisals to staff under the technical services section
  • Assist the Municipal manager in overseeing the implementation of municipality performance contracts
  • Performing any other duty as assigned by the municipal manager