Municipal Manager

Duties and Responsibilities of Municipal Manager 

  • Oversee the affairs of the city or municipality
  • Develop and adopt policies, plans strategies, and programs and may set targets for the delivery of services

    Job Muisyo
    Municipal Manager

  • Formulate and implement an integrated development  plan
  • As may be delegated by the county government, control land use, and land sub-division; carry out infrastructural development within the city or municipality; land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose.
  • Develop and manage schemes, including site development in collaboration with the relevant agencies
  • Maintain an all-inclusive system of information for the administration. The board will determine a fee upon whose payment of public can access this information.
  • Manage and control its internal affairs
  • Implement relevant county and national legislation
  • Enter into contracts, partnerships, or joint ventures that may facilitate the carrying out of its duties
  • Monitor city and municipal services that are provided by the board. The board will regulate these services where they are provided by other service providers other than the board of the city or municipality.
  • Prepare its budget for approval by the county executive committee and carry out the budget as approved
  • Collect rates, taxes, levies, duties, fees, and additions on fees as may be delegated by the county government
  • Monitor the impacts and effectiveness of any services, policies, programs, or plans
  • Establish, implement, and monitor performance management systems
  • Promote a safe and healthy environment
  • Facilitate and regulate public transport
  • Carry out any other duties that may be assigned to the county government or provided for in any written law.