Administration & Corporate Services

Administration and Corporate Services

The Unit is answerable for the provision of directions to Municipality Board on the formation, development and application of policy and strategic decisions relating to delivery of services, and corporate decision making of Municipality by providing timely and accurate advice to the Board and management on all administrative and corporate matters.


  1. General administration, coordination and oversight of the Municipality units’ activities in accordance with the County policies and regulations.
  2. Ensure regular and effective communication between Kitui Municipality office, the county Headquarters and all stakeholders.
  3. Ensure that the Kitui Municipality complies with good practice and that policy and procedures are effectively   implemented.
  4. Advising and support staff in all issues relating to Human Resource Management.
  5. Administering the operation and monitoring of performance management systems within the units in order to ensure prime performance of all staff.
  6. Identifying staff capacity needs and facilitating relevant capacity building through training and development to promote consistent improvement in the provision of public service.
  7. Draft periodic/monthly unit reports to be presented to Municipality Manager.
  8. Participation in budgeting for all development operations and assets of the Municipality
  9. Researching and making recommendation to the Municipal Manager on all facets of the department functions